Aaron yan gui gui dating

Gui Gui mentioned that Xiao Gui has real good affinity with pretty women.

Gui Gui and Aaron are so nice, letting Xiao Gui be on the picture!

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As to whether Aaron Yan and Gui Gui had a fight, it was not seen at all.’’ Gui Gui said to Aaron Yan: ‘’I want to honeymoon in Greece.’’ Aaron Yan replied: ’’But I want to go to Venice!’’ Gui Gui replied: ‘’No, you have to follow my intention! puh-lease…cm’on…i think they are really make a cute on-screen couple even i’m not rooting them 2 be together in real life but nobody know what going 2 be happen in da future plus they are still young.i believe aaron make that statement in angry joke way…i’m support this drama…even i’m not huge fan of guilun…During filming, many pretty women will come and visit him, such as Zhou Cai Shi, Ding Wen Qi, and a classmate with the body of a model.and saw a little bit of this episode, but I’m not sure where I saw it, but there was clip where Aaron or Xiao Gui made Gui Gui cry…