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Notkin found herself concerned by the lack of modern resources for Aunties—especially those who had no children of their own, were having children later in life, or opting out of motherhood.

After interviewing dozens of Aunties, she understood that with an authentic love for children and discretionary income, these modern Aunts had the potential to become Savvy Aunties and put their time and money where their heart is.

Aunty Acid, the webcomic phenomenon beloved by millions around the globe, finally gets her very own official adult coloring book!

All the classic Aunty Acid wit, sarcasm and charm in a beautiful redesign by illustrator Katie Packer!

Melanie has dubbed this powerful and influential segment of American women PANKs—Professional Aunts No Kids.

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But when I was growing up as part of the first generation born after the war, it was a lot more common.You know I love mysteries and other novels with lots of food in them. Although she's received several national and international writing and arts awards, when she is recognized at home it is usually because of her stint as a regular celebrity guest on Singapore’s version of the Pyramid Game show.I also love novels that take place in the Far East. But today she's stopped by to tell us about her personal connection to her new character, Aunty Lee. OVIDIA YU: In Singapore, unrelated older women are often called ‘Aunty’ as a term of respect. Now women my age are often addressed as ‘Miss’ regardless of marital status.When she introduced us, she said: “My sister’s not a grandma yet but she hopes to be some day! It’s on July 22 this year.”Auntie’s Day is the brainchild of Melanie Notkin who first became an Auntie in 2001.Leave it to a savvy lifestyle expert to come up with a celebration for nearly 50 percent of American women who are not moms but do a lot for the children in their lives.