Auto updating web page

We would recommend the time of refresh [reloading interval] be above 5 seconds.This is because you have to consider the page loading time.You can set up Page Watch to monitor the content of a webpage or file and automatically create email updates for your subscribers.You can also choose to watch only part of a web page, using tags to call out the relevant area.

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You can automatically refresh the copyright year by inserting a simple Java Script or php script (see below) into your website's html code.

The browser also checks for updates at regular intervals and displays this auto-update dialog as a reminder if you have not yet updated.

It includes information about the update, and helps you to install it.

You get better, automatic results, making the bulletin creation process easier than ever.

If Page Watch tags are being used solely to focus page watch on a particular area of a page, Communications Cloud can provide a generic tag set.

Auto updating web page