Being intimidating woman

College football player means you’re probably in great shape. Simply put, you need to be FRIENDLY, so she doesn’t feel intimidated. Because she needs to feel attraction and TRUST to be into you.

But when his score was lower than hers, the study showed, he was likely to feel less attracted to her, less masculine himself, and less interested in getting her contact information or going on a date with her. Park is quick to clarify that previous research has shown that men are attracted to female intelligence; in fact, it’s one of the strongest predictors of romantic interest.

Intimidation means you’re lacking on the trust scale.

You can do this by being playful, funny, nice, protective… Women are intimidated by him until he starts talking to them, because he’s got a real low, deep and soothing voice.

I was not rude, but answered his probing questions with relatively short answers and did not make an effort to get to know him. Let’s not exclude Beyoncé from this conversation, either.

I have heard countless comments on her physical appearance, but that her power is “intimidating.” Is Beyoncé intimidating, or is she a woman with an interest and commitment to social justice issues, who also happens to be a crazy talented singer and performer? Since when does the success and confidence of women equivocate to “intimidating”?