Dating superstitions

And instead of saying their vows at the top of the hour, many Chinese couples start the ceremony at half past the hour, so as to begin their lives together when the clock is on an upswing.

Photo: Shutterstock Though they may wear a white gown, many Mexican brides are sure to include some bold color in their wedding attire.

Photo: Shutterstock China When it comes to Chinese wedding traditions, timing is everything.Did you know that Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky in Spain, and not Friday the 13th as in Anglo-Saxon countries?That's because Tuesday is said to be dominated by Ares, the Greek god of war, who gives his name to Martes, or Tuesday, in Spanish.It's less clear what's so inauspicious about Friday.So don't be surprised if, next time Friday 17th rolls around, you notice some shops and offices closed 'per scaramanzia'...