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(Until, his rant was cut short by the now predictable Bachelorette ending, “To Be Continued.”) The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. The post Rachel Lindsay Just Taught Us All How To Deal With A Lying Ex & It Was Everything: 10 Most Shocking Moments From This Week’s ‘Bachelorette’ appeared first on OK! You can see the full workshop at Ev M8b where you will also find workshop notes.

Trust me, I know what it is to be in love and "blind." I've been hurt. But I've taken my love-lumps and learned from my mistakes.Any girl will tell you, regardless of sexuality or originally-assigned gender, this is usually not the case.While it might be relatively easy for girls to get a guy (or girl), it’s just as difficult for them to get the one they want.But do you really want to sign up for that life or bet on those odds? Here are a few ways to tell if a man sees you as a forever girlfriend and not a future wife: 1. And here's another line: "We'll get there." I've seen some of the smartest women fall for these lines. 2- She's adding chocolate chips to her cheese omelet.