Invalidating patent

The Board noted the deficiency and stated that Patent Owner “should provide sufficient explanation or evidence as to how dependent claims .

, the Board noted that two challenged claims failed to comply with 112 ¶ 4 (requiring dependent claims “contain a reference to a claim previously set forth”). further limit the subject matter of the claim from which they depend.” IPR2013-00172, No.

The US patent office has become A PATENT DESTROYING MACHINE. Patent attorneys are not going to tell you this because then you won't hire them.

Silverman In considering whether a specific product, apparatus, method or composition of matter may violate a United States patent, primary attention is directed toward the issues of infringement and validity.

Infringement in this context means that the particular technology falls within the patent claims.

[The statute] [d]oesn’t say [that we may invalidate a claim] just with respect to prior art.

The US patent office is invalidating patents they granted ten years ago!

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