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Responses to queries are stored in the temp structure /[ANS%0,"QUERY"]|0 while the CDS is being edited.

Responses to multiple and E type queries have extra subscripts in the format /[ANS%0,"QUERY","M",x]|0 where x is the response line number.

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DFT attributes are not evaluated if IFE is nil ("") FCLx attributes are only evaluated for new, non nil responses IFE attributes control whether the cursor stops at the query.

Once you decide on the file organization, change your application settings to automatically save files in the appropriate folder so that you don't have to change the folders every time you save a document. At times you may need to restore all of the files from the destination back to the source. Mark the profile you want to restore and then select Restore from the Tools menu.

It is not a good idea to mix your program files and data files in the same folder. This would copy the files from the destination folder back to the source folder.

Until then you will need to do it the hard way - with lots of code.

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