Who is zachary quinto dating

He appeared as a person from another planet having long eyes and wide eyebrows.

the same thing to a party celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Hugo Boss Prize for artists on Thursday night, the two donned similar shapes in different colors and materials (all of which, of course, was from Hugo Boss).

We’ll take it at face value for now, but we will keep an eye on what our favourite gay Star Trek hunk is up to here in the Gossip section.

I don’t know if it’s just us, but do they sort of look alike, just with a few years difference?

We’ve seen some gossip online that Star Trek co-star Zach Quinto, who recently split with Glee’s Jonathan Groff, is now dating world-famous male model Miles Mc Millan. Gossip queen Perez Hilton recently posted a video in which he speculates that Quinto broke up with Groff because he wanted an “open relationship,” and adds that Quinto has already put the moves on Mc Millan.

That’s some serious “inside” exclusive information you’ve got there, Perez!